About Dewey Knows

Dewey Knows is a first class research a firm. We customize research so you only get exactly what you ask for, industry or security specific.

One thought on “About Dewey Knows

  1. Ron Finberg

    Hello Dewey

    My name is Ron Finberg and I am a Securities Dealer at Capital Markets Trading (www.CMTrading.com). I came across your site on Twitter when looking for potential partners and would like to follow-up with you on our Introducing Broker program. CM Trading offers industry-breaking levels of revenue share whereby you introduce clients and earn lucrative revenues on their turnover.

    We only work with IBs, affiliates and other partners, so no one understands better than us that the secret to success is flexibility to your needs

    Please let me know if you would like to have a brief chat so we can explore ways of maximizing your revenues from your clients

    Best regards
    Ron Finberg
    Securities Dealer

    T: + 44 203 150 1431 Ext 204
    F: + 44 203 150 1769
    E: ronf@CMTrading.com

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